What new features may you find in Fifa 12?

EA sports are hard at work on some changes which will dramatically effect the way you play FIFA 12 and hopefully it will make FIFA 12 a cut about it’s previous successors.  EA sports has already guaranteed  higher quality graphics, improved career mode and more in depth set pieces.    

FIFA 12: Already?

EA sports have already announced that they want to have FIFA 12 fully completed by July and in the shops at around about November/December time.

FIFA 12: Mayor Changes?

1. More Advanced Graphics: EA sports wants to make FIFA 12 just that little bit better than the competition (PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER) so it is going the extra mile just to prove that they are the predominant football game.

2. Set pieces: Anybody who’s ever played a FIFA game knows that set-pieces have always been a big problem. They’re a problem because: Their hard to control, Extremely predictable and not at all fun (especially throw-ins). There is no creativity and certainly no fun involved.  That’s why FIFA 12 is going to be different, (I hope), they say that everything to do with set pieces is being changed.

3.  Improved Career Mode

FIFA has always had an in-depth career mode, with this in mind listen to what EA sports are going to concentrate on changing: Improved player progression and regression, youth league, improved financial consequences, Logic in Finance, Board of Directors make more irrational and unrealistic moves and customized teams available for career modes.

These are the main new features that we will see throughout FIFA 12, I myself hope that FIFA 12 lives up to the immense expectations for it.

This is an artist’s conception of what FIFA 12’s cover case could look like, evidently the artist is an arsenal fan 😦



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