Mario Sports Mix Preview part 1

The first Mario/Donkey Kong games

Donkey Kong Arcade/Atari/Famicon
Donkey Kong Jr. Many Consoles
Mario Bros Arcade/Atari 2600/atari 5000 etc.
Mario Games Today
The latest game in the mad mario series is Mario sports Mix, which is only on Wii (like all the great Mario games).  The release date for europe is the 4th of Febuary 2011.
What will it be like?
Mario Sports mix, will be just another Mario game, except it will be somewhat sporty, this will just me another version of the winter olympics and other sports games mario has done over the years.
Does this mean I shouldn’t buy the game?
Not at all if you like other Mario games and you like playing the exact same game just with different titles. If you didn’t like other Mario games I suggest you look elsewhere or read some of my other blogs.
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