Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Multiplayer Mode Characters

In my last post I reviewed Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, this post is a follow-on from that in which I will talk about Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood more and mainly mention the different character’s  available during Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’s online mode.

The Thief: A women who wears ragged clothes and attacks her enemies using half of a sharp Scissor Blade.

The Mercenary: A strong man who bears a heavy resemblance to ordinary mercenaries, but wields a short sword.

The Captain: This is my favorite online character, the captain uses a pair of swords to assassinate his prey.

The Blacksmith: A large man who wears a large amount of armor and uses a giant hammer to kill the unsuspecting.

The Engineer:An expert marksman wearing mostly red and white clothes, he wields a compass as his weapon.

The Barber:Wearing ordinary noble clothes and having white streaks on his dark hair, he uses a razor to assassinate his targets.

The Prowler:Wearing robes very similar to the Assassins, though in Templar colors, the Prowler sports a switchblade, the Templar version of the hidden blade.

The Priest:A bald man wearing robes similar to those of a monk, he uses a very thin, Holy Blade as his weapon.

The Noble Man:Wearing very rich clothing such as a gold-lined cape, the Noble assassinates his targets using his claw, a prosthetic set in place of his missing arm.

The Executioner: A strong looking man that has the appearance of a butcher, the Executioner wields a large Axe as his weapon.

The Doctor: Wearing dark robes and a beak-shaped mask, the Doctor uses a poison-filled syringe  to assassinate his targets.

The Courtesan:A sensual woman in liberal clothing, the Courtesan assassinates her targets via fluidly lethal movements, or a special, bladed fan.

All of these characters have their own special abilities, weapons and armor and robes, all of these features play different roles in story mode.

Here Shows the captain, Executioner, Doctor and 2 other characters

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