Kinect Adventures Review: Part 1 of 3 setting up Kinect

I am proud to say that I am now the owner of a new gaming system Kinect. On Tuesday night after work I went on one of my recent trips to gamestation looking for Fallout:New Vegas and accidently came back with Xbox 360 Kinect. It cost me a staggering £129.99 and only came with one game Kinect Adventures.

Setting it up: Piece of Cake or total Mayhem?

Once I had “accidentally” purchased Kinect I brought it home, read the overly complicated instructions and emptied the contents of the box and started work on setting it up, This was an absolute nightmare. Firstly Kinect kept checking how far away from the television I was, Secondly My Kinect Adventures disk was broken before I got it out of the box and Thirdly Anything that was said in my living room upset the Kinect Sensor and ruined the normal games I was playing. TOTAL MAYHEM


Yesterday morning I went back to Gamestation and changed my Kinect package for one that actually worked. I then got home spent another half an hour setting up the Kinect Sensor for the second time and finally had the chance to play Kinect Adventures.

Want to see my first impressions of Kinect Adventures, read tomorrow’s blog update

Kinect Adventures


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