Kinect Adventures: Part 2 First Impressions

Yesterday I spoke about setting up Kinect for the 1st and 2nd time. If you read that post you will know how aggravating that is and how stressed it made me become. In today’s post I’m going to give Kinect a rest and start to go on about Kinect Adventures and my first Impressions of it.

Setting up the game?

Once I had put in the disk I first had to work out how much space I’m going to need. This was a bit of a bother for me because of my tiny living room, so I had (with some help) to move some of my furniture. It was a nightmare.

What did I think of the game?

Once I’d got the game going I was intrigued by the lack of choice in games, There’s only five!!!!! Even though I knew I’d be bored of it in half an hour I carried on and choose my first game, The one where you have to throw the balls at the target and to be perfectly honest with you guys, IT WAS AMAZING. Then I went on to play all of the games and was very impressed with it.

Part 3?

Tomorrow I will write a paragraph on each individual game in Kinect Adventures, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE? TO MY BLOG AND ENJOY.



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