Preview: Playstation Move Heroes-A Homage to the Classics

Playstation Move Heroes is an interesting concept. Sony intends on essentially blending three of the greatest action adventure video game franchises ever made. Sly Cooper and his sidekick Bentley will join Jak and his sidekick Daxter as well as Ratchet and his side kick Clank for this adventure that spans four worlds: Paris from Sly Cooper, Haven City from Jak and Daxter, Kerwan from Ratchet & Clank, and finally Planet X, an all new world.

Will release on March 22, 2011

The game will feature multiplayer capability with the second player taking over as the sidekick, whether that will be Bentley, Daxter, or Clank is dependent upon who the first player has chosen. This will add an interesting aspect to the series as the prior games were predominantly one player.

Sony has brought on a relatively unknown developing company, Nihilistic Software (prior games include Conan and Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects). This was an interesting move within itself as Nihilistic Software had no part in any of the three franchises prior. This is a bold move,  Nihilistic Software has some high expectations to meet. So far the results look positive. Everything released about the game has been positive whether it be graphics, controls, or storyline. The game will be release on the Playstation 3 on March 22, 2011. Luckily, we were able to get set up with an early release copy that should arrive March 18. Not too early, but still good. We will review that game immediately to give you guys a general idea of whether it has lived up to the hype.

For those without a Playstation Move controller or camera, no worries. They are releasing a Playstation Move Heroes Bundle the same day which will include the Playstation Move controller, the camera, and the game all for $100.

On a final note, these characters are from great franchises , but I can’t help but wish they included Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Maybe that screams for a sequel?

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