Bizarre Creations, 20 Years of Games Brought to an End

On February 18th, Activision shut down Bizarre Creations. Bizarre Creations is a  UK based development company which has been bringing solid games to the market since 1990.  This franchise has brought us a few solid games including The Club, Blur, Boom Boom Rocket as well as two amazing franchises: Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars. Their contributions will surely not be forgotten.

RIP 1990 - 2010

The strange part about this whole situation is their most recent release, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, did fairly well overall selling 600,000 copies worldwide. Now this is not stellar when comparing it to Halo or Call of Duty, but it is not low enough to warrant that the company close down. There must have been more to the story than what was made public. As always with the closing of one developing company, there is now an opportunity for competitors. Until Microsoft announces what will become of the Project Gotham Racing franchise, Gran Turismo will become the king of racing.

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