Cubetastic: Out Now!!

doPanic, a small development company from  Regensburg (Ratisbon), Germany.  Have created a new Iphone, Ipad and mac app called Cubetastic. Cubetastic is thought to be the most challenging puzzle game ever created, Cubetastic supposedly brings you in a world of cubes made up of different cells and colors.

Features of Cubetastic

  • more than 150 levels with various challenges.
  • achievements to compete with your friends.
  • lots of different special items.
  • quick game mode.
  • shiny graphics.
  • intuitive controls and gameplay.
  • create profiles for up to 5 different players.
  • easier and extended tutorial levels.
  • control game sound and music individually

This game will be initially available on Ipone, Ipad, Mac. The developers hope to get the game on to PC, but aren’t entirely sure yet. The game will not cost you a penny so I advise everybody who is interested in the game to download it to whatever Apple device you own, give the game a go and comment on this post telling me what you thought about it.

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