Minecraft: Beds available for players

As we all know, or should know, the popular PC game Minecraft (Mojang Specifications) is constantly updating.

The update Yesterday  gave us something that has been promised to us for a long time – player beds. Apart from looking pretty alongside your bookshelves and record player and lava pit, they also allow the player to sleep until dawn on single player, and if every user on a server uses one they also sleep until dawn – allowing around-the-clock work on your latest structural masterpiece (or your 18th castle).

The bed is made of three wood planks on the bottom row of the workbench window, and another 3 wool blocks across the middle row.

Another massive update in my opinion was the implementation of a new lighting engine Notch put in with the help of MrMessiah. This gives the game graphics – which we all know are horrific and strangely enchanting and beautiful at the same time – more depth, allowing for shadowy drops and corners when you illuminating your 26th castle or just plain mineral hunting in the caverns below your 12th castle.

Alongside this graphics update came a new menu option exclusively for video settings, so even all you basement-dwellers playing on your gran-gran’s old machine can also enjoy all that crafting and mining on your tiny view distance.

New blocks include;

  • a delay/repeater redstone dust block, not exactly sure how that works but it could be used for all sorts of present and future contraptions.
  • 3 new half sized blocks, which i find particularly useful for containing my waterfalls and lava spouts which make my 32nd castle (made from glass and coloured wool) look all pretty and animated.

Server side, changes brought in include whitelisting options, <reload> and <list> commands also to allow editing of OP’s and other details without shutting the whole server down, although bukkit already has all of that and plugins allowing you to have nice things like minimaps and teleports.

aside from all that, the only significant changes are the save system, allowing you to rename saves, and have more than 5 in total. Also the file system for saves has changed, so all your current saves need converting which takes a short while.


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