EA Opens New Studio, Victory Games

EA has recently announced that they have started up a new studio known as Victory Games. The studio will be located in Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; and Shanghai, China. Heading up this new studio will be Current EA LA head Jon Van Canegham. Some of you may have heard of Mr. Van Canegham as he was one of the key people behind the Heroes of Might and Magic Series.

For all you Command & Conquer fans out there. This addition to the EA franchise is good news for you. Victory Games’ main focus with be Real Time Strategy games mainly Command & Conquer. They intend of completely revamping the franchise from the ground up. Their first rumored release will be a PC version which in my opinion is the best place for an RTS game. This change is key for such a great franchise as it seemed in recent years that the series was taking a hit. This revamp has the potential to bring it back to the forefront allowing EA to compete for a share of the RTS market with Blizzard.

EA's Newest Studio

For those that want to see the new website and keep up to date on developments check out Victory Games’ site.

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One comment on “EA Opens New Studio, Victory Games

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