Fallout: New Vegas DLC Available for PS3 and PC

First released back in December of 2010 for the XBox 360, Dead Money is the first DLC pack for Fallout: New Vegas, it was released for the PlayStation 3 in the US. It is going to be released sometime today in Europe. There is also a patch out for the PS3 version that is apparently meant to ensure compatibility with the add-on.

It was released on PC yesterday available on Steam and also at Direct2Drive. And if you download from Direct2Drive you can get 20% off, but only if you happen to live in the Americas.

There are at least three more packs planned for release later in the year, but unlike this first pack, all three will release simultaneously on all platforms. So it seems Bethesda and Oblivion have finally realized people really do play Fallout on the PS3.

According to the Fallout Wiki, ‘Dead Money’ reveals some clues to the next DLC that will coming out. The snow globe found in Dead  Money is found at the Zion National Park which is located in Utah. That combined with in-game graffiti that mentions the Mormon town of New Canaan, and  Joshua Graham (known as the burned man) is enough to indicate Honest Hearts will be the next DLC.

There is graffiti in FO:NV that alludes to add-on Lonesome Road which appears in a canyon amongst some wreckage. The other add-on Old World Blues has no known in game references yet.

There are no release dates yet announced for the other three add-ons. Also I am buying this DLC pack, so once I have it I will share a full, lengthy review on it.

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