Fable III finally coming to PC!!!!

Fable III is finally coming to PC!!!! Fable is arriving a mere 2-3 months after it was released for Xbox 360. The windows version of the game is set to release on the 19th of May in europe, two whole days before the game is launched in the US and A. So called “Hardcore” Gamers can get a special version that gives them an extra challenge that wasn’t available on the Xbox 360 version.

LionHead Studios are releasing a DLC for Fable III, they have called the DLC Traitor’s Keep. The add-on will only cost 560 Microsoft points and is being released on the 1st of March, 4 days to go!!!!
The add-on will feature three individual stories; Ravenscar Keep,       Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate.                                                                    Unfortunately I haven’t found any news about this game coming to PC or windows, I am currently trying to find some information about that.

Any body with a windows phone 7 will be happy to know that LionHead Studios have also released Fable: Coin Golf. This is a short version that works in conjunction with your Xbox 360. You can transfer any gold you make to your Fable story on your xbox and you can transfer 3 exclusive weapons from your phone to your xbox 360.

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