Max adventure Review

Max Adventure, a new iPod app released by Imangi Studios is attempting to be another smash hit in the app store, but is it good enough to deserve its title as a smash hit?

Max Adventure is a twin stick shooter, which, if you didn’t know what that is, has a similar interface to many drop down iPod shooter games, such as minigore. However, unlike minigore, Max Adventure is more of a mission based game where you can complete the level and buy upgrades  at the end of a level with the money you have acquire in the game. The story of Max Adventure is rather simple, aliens have attacked earth, all adults have been captured, you must save the children and the world. A typical alien game.

The controls of the game are nice and i have had no problems when blowing away aliens with my ray gun. If there was a downside to the game, it would be the, almost child like cartoons and the childish theme of the game, but hey ho, that is what the game is about and it kept me entertained for half hour or so, which iPod games are for. Overall i think its a good shooter and worth the money as it costs less than most chocolate bars do nowadays. However, I know due to the childish behaviour of the game some people may not enjoy it, so be sure to check out the free lite version of the game before hand.

Rating this Max Adventure out of ten would resolve, for me, in a 7. It has power ups, different types of aliens, upgrades and different designs of every level which makes the game fun and less repetitive throughout. However, it could be improved through the elongation of the actual game as it doesn’t last long at all really, and proves to be a rather small file sized app. However the survival mode the game has almost counters this, and provides the replayability of the game, but is still not as fun as the story mode, and soon gets repetitive. Overall it’s a good game to keep you busy and entertained, from aliens to ray guns – what more could you want from a game!

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