LG Receives Ban for PS3’s in Europe, US Next?

LG, the South Korean company, recently filed charges against Sony claiming they violated LG’s patents related to the the PS3’s Bluray device. Sony had filed similar charges against LG prior. This was likely retaliatory. The PS3 has had a temporary ban in Europe for a minimum of 10 days. What does this mean for Europe? Sony stands to suffer huge losses in sales especially if the ban is extended.

LG has also contacted the United States International Trade Commission about a ban of PS3s from the US. This would lay a huge blow to Sony, especially if the bans are extended. Two of their three largest markets would be barren. To make matters worse, LG is filing similar charges in the California court system as the ITC cannot award monetary gains. LG is seeking cash to compensate for the use of their technology without permission. Hopefully this can be resolved within then next couple days. I’ll keep you posted.

10's of Thousands of these are being held by European Customs.

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