New internet browser for 3DS to be done by Japanese software developer ACCESS

While it hasn’t come out in the US yet, many gamers are already anticipating the 3DS, Nintendo’s newest portable. The device has some nice new features including a glasses free three dimensional main screen, an SD memory card slot, and a three dimensional camera. Recently, however, a brand new deviation from the previous models has been revealed: Nintendo will not be using Opera’s internet browser for the 3DS. Instead, they have opted to go with the Japan based company ACCESS, planning to use their web browser, called NetFront.

Tabbed browsing is only one of the new features ACCESS plans to implement in NetFront 4.1

Owners of the PSP or PS3 may be disappointed to hear the news since Netfront was the browser Sony chose for those game systems and there were some frustrating problems associated with it. Luckily, the NetFront browser that will appear in the 3DS is said to be an improved version, sporting new features such as support for HTML5, Flash, and high speed JavaScript as well as some convenient bells and whistles like tabbed browsing and smoother pan and zoom features. All in all the change seems to be a good one, but gamers will just have to wait until May when the new browser is scheduled to be released via a software update to see for themselves.

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