PlayStation Home gets a renovation this Spring

Announced today at the Game Developers Conference, Sony announced PlayStation Home version 1.5 which will be available in early spring.

According to the PlayStation blog, this update will use new technology that will enhance real-time multiplayer, improve physics and they will use more realistic graphics and animations. High-quality games was their singular goal in this latest version. Developers can utilize improved network mechanics to pump-up multiplayer gameplay.

This update is different from past updates which have included user features like voice chat and navigation improvements. The Home 1.5 will allow developers to expand to many type of game play from first person shooters to kart racing. Also we can expect to see a richer graphic experience including an improvement to frame-rate.

The first game announced to be featured in the update is Sodium Two: Project Velocity a sequel to the tank combat game Sodium One from Lockwood Publishing. This game will be released in conjunction with the update and takes advantage of Home 1.5 brand new features. The video preview states the game will be free to play, and the vehicles are going to be customizable. Seems like the the customizing theme which is so important in Home and many PS3 titles will be a strong component of the games in Home. Does this make PS Home a more compelling place to go? We’ll have to wait and see later this spring.

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