Portal 2: The long awaited return of teleportation

If you haven’t lived life the way should and haven’t played the first portal game released in 2007, then be prepared to be awestruck by the release of Portal 2 on 21st April 2011. Portal is a first person shooter with a difference, and this difference is what caused the game to reach new heights in the gaming industry when it was released. It is a first person shooter but without all the violence death and destruction. Instead you have to use your brain to get through the level. Your character has a portal gun which, simply, creates portals when shot into a flat surface. Once two portals are shot, you can pass through one and appear out the other. Simple!

If you did play the first Portal then you would know that after some time of punching walls trying to get through one level was a bit annoying, but also addictive. This soon ended with Portal as the game was awfully short, and didn’t last as long as players hoped. However, wipe away that sad face because next month Portal 2 will be released, featuring a whole new long-winded story rather than a small disappointing campaign. Valve, the creators of Portal and also titles such as Left 4 Dead and Half-Life have stressed the new improved story of Portal 2 with a whole range of characters and a lot more puzzles to be stuck on and to be ecstatic when completed.

Valve seem to be really excited with a new feature to Portal which is the co-operative play. Instead of controlling the usual character, Chell, players will be imported into the bodies of two robots, both equipped with portal guns, so if you work it out, it can mean a total of four portals. This game is going to be hectic, but hopefully still as good fun as the first Portal game.

Puzzle games seem to be growing a lot bigger than they used to be with their unique ideas and fun designs, this not only goes for Portal but for other games, such as the popular Angry Birds. It seems to be a big market for new and interesting games and I believe that a lot more puzzle games such as these are to be expected in the coming years. Portal is a really fun and unique game and if you haven’t played it then you are really missing out. An FPS with a difference, Portal is game for all ages, bringing puzzle games back to life and inspiring a wide range of game developers. Valve’s Portal 2 seems to be an awesome game to remember and you haven’t experienced it as of yet, then you should. Portal is an experience not to be missed.

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