Bungie’s team up with Activision will result in a new MMO

Back in April of 2010, Activison signed a 10 year publishing deal with game development company Bungie. Soon after, Bungie trademarked the names (and internet domains for) “Osiris,” “New Monarchy,” “Seven Seraphs,” and “Dead Orbit,” presumably for use on this project. While Bungie is still being pretty tight lipped about their new game, information on it is slowly trickling in.

Bungie’s lead network engineer David Aldrige has announced that the game will be a “massively multiplayer action game.” That’s right, it will be of the MMO genre. Unfortunately for Halo fans, Bungie’s pledge to not make another Halo game after Reach is being held; this project is going to be set in a completely new universe. The game was originally said to have been a first person shooter with the code name “Tiger,” but given that this was leaked by a recently laid off employee it may or may not have any merit.

There have been rumors of problems with Bungie that might hurt the development of the game, namely budget concerns and unfair treatment, but these rumors have yet to be validated. Activision, at least, seems to be very excited about the project. Dave Stohl, Activision’s EVP of studios, has said that he expects the game to be “incredible,” and Activision’s COO Thomas Tippl commented “”It’s a very ambitious and phenomenal project.” According to Tippl, Bungie’s reason for signing on with Activision in the first place was the publishing company’s extensive online capabilities, a necessity for an MMO.

All the secrecy about the game may be frustrating, but we should not need to wait much longer for more information; the game is scheduled to be revealed at this year’s E3 conference in June.

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