Sony’s NGP to be Four Times as Powerful as Prior Handhelds

The 2011 Game Developer’s Conference was very productive for two upcoming handheld game systems, the Nintendo 3DS and Sony NGP. Both were brought to the forefront of the gaming industry this week with each revealing interesting tidbits. As we know the 3DS will have Netflix and announced some decent games that will be available. Sony stole the spotlight though, when it was revealed that the NGP will be four times as powerful as any other prior handheld, namely the Ipad 1. This information brought both disappointment and amazement as many people anticipated this device to be as powerful as a console, whilst others were a bit more realistic in assuming it would just be better than its predecessor, the PSP.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sony revealed that the game cartridges will hold anywhere from 2GB to 4GB which greatly surpasses the PSP’s 900MB to 1.8GB. Each game cartridge will devote 5% to 10% to saved data and patches however. In addition to the game cartridges having memory, the system itself will have removable memory. The format and capacity has yet to be revealed, but one can speculate that it will be Sony’s own Memory Stick.

For more on the topics check out this article on Kotaku.

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