Japan Earthquake update

I know this is a video gaming site, but I feel I need to mention the japan earthquake and give the people of japan my deepest respects. For those of you who don’t know, there has been a major earthquake in the pacific ocean. The earthquake has reached 8.9 magnitude and is the 6th worst earthquake to be recorded in the world.

32 people have died because of the earthquake. Many more are injured, missing or buried under the rubble of buildings in and around japan. A nuclear plants cooling system has broke down, no radiation was release though. Also an oil refinery has burn down causing extreme pollution and problems for japan. See picture below.

The earthquake set off a Tsunami which is said to be 10 meters high (33ft). It is traveling across the north east of japan at the speed of a jumbo jet.

Other countries are making arrangements. Hawaii is in danger of being flooded by the Tsunami, they have evacuated coastline communities. Australia, Indonesian Islands, New Zealand, America, Alaska, Mexico, South America and many other countries are getting ready for if the Tsunami. Best wishes to them.

Lastly I want to give my sincere condolences to the people in japan, I am praying for you. Also I advise everybody who reads this to turn on their TV and watch the live updates. Some of the stuff they say may be aimed at you or someone you know.

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