KONAMI Completes Takeover of Hudson

KONAMI has announced that the expected takeover of Hudson Soft Company, LTD. is finally completed. It was a move that has been in development for years. In August 2001, KONAMI made a major investment in Hudson Soft and in April 2005, Hudson Soft was made a partial subsidiary. According to reports, on April 1st Hudson Soft will be a full subsidiary of the KONAMI.

Hudson Soft has been creating games since 1978. Their most notable series include Bloody Roar, Bomberman, and Mario Party. The company currently operates in two divisions: Hudson Studio and Hudson Entertainment, Inc. The US branch, Hudson Entertainment, Inc. will be shutdown with the merger, whereas the main branch in Japan, Hudson Studio, will be letting forty employees go. As far as the game series and Hudson branding go, KONAMI has not announced their intentions. The only thing known is Hudson will be more focused upon social games. It should be an interesting story and I look forward to seeing what becomes of Hudson.

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