Surprise! Duke Nukem Forever Delayed

Everyone should remember Duke Nukem Forever’s past involving 3D Realms; the studio’s failure to produce anything of value for the game quickly made it into gamer lore, being the brunt of many jokes. Well when Gearbox Software picked up the title, they promised that the game would actually finally be finished. Duke Nukem Forever was set to be released on May 3rd with an international release on May 6th, but in an ironic twist of fate the famous vaporware game will be delayed yet again. This is the official video the studio has released:

As you can see, the game is now scheduled to be released on June 10th internationally with a June 14th North America release. While the studio seems confident of their new release date and there haven’t been any rumors of the scandals we witnessed with 3D Realms, one can’t help but wonder if the curse of Duke Nukem Forever has been passed on to Gearbox Software. Is this the unmakable game? Hopefully not.

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