Nintendo 3DS: a Hands-On Impression.

I found myself in midtown Manhattan today at Rockefeller Center, and the Nintendo Store was beckoning me to come in and play with the 3DS. So I had to comply of course.

Now I am not a DS game player at all so this was sort of my first time with any DS let along the new 3DS. I do play some Wii games so I am already familiar with the friendly interface and easy to use graphics. The 3D of the 3DS is pretty amazing. You activate it with a slider on the right side of the screen to control the depth of the 3D or to turn it of completely. I knew they were using lenticular technology to achieve the 3D, and wondered if you’d see lines or something else, but the image was very clear and I found the 3D really fun to play with.

The game that was loaded on this demo device was Steel Divers a scrolling submarine game. The 3D on this screen really made the depth of the ocean feel expansive and I think it added to the over all gameplay. The game itself is a little boring, but the novelty of 3D made it more compelling to stick through it. I am an iphone user (and gamer) so using the stylus was a little new to me but I got more used to it as I kept playing.

So hardcore DS’ers are you all planning to plop down 250 bucks to get one this weekend? You can try it out before you buy at some launch day events that are happening this weekend in many major US cities including New York, LA and Miami among others.

Let us know what your impressions of the 3DS are.

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