DC Universe Online March Update, Coming Soon?

Since March is almost over I had planned to report on the update after the release, but it looks like this won’t be coming until April after all. Too bad, since much of the content is oriented around “chance” specifically focused on Character of the Month Two-Face among other DCU characters. Well lucky for us, Newsarama has provided some detail as to what we can expect in this update.

Apparently the Penguin is about to make his move to take over Gotham. You have to align yourself with Two-Face to stop Penguin fowling things up in a new mission. It doesn’t matter if you are a hero or villain since Two-Face represents both sides of the coin. And as a bonus, there will be robot penguins to content with as you try to defeat the big bird.

As with Catwoman in the previous update, Two-Face will be available as a playable character in Legends PvP.

Another character that plays into the belated St. Pats theme will be the leprechaun of the DCU Mr. Mxyzptik. Players will follow rainbows to find Mr. M. as a random encounter. Completing missions will unlock thematic appearance and other rewards.

We’ll also see an encounter with an OMAC Batman in the third Batcave Raid. He is Brainiac’s “Avatar of Tech” a transforming robot boss whom you have to battle for control of the tech aspect exobytes, for a part of Brainiac himself.

Appropriately Green Lantern’s “Ring War” will get some expansion for all the ring slingers in the DCU Online including new ring constructs and boss fights with Kilowog or Arkillo.

There will be some technical upgrades including moving some PDA functions around to improve the interface. Team formation utilities gets moved to the league tab, and dedicated text and voice tabs will be added. You won’t be able to auto-fill you place if you a dropped from a raid. Instead you will have a chance to be reinvited to a mission. A voting system will now be in place to kick a player from a group. A new spatial chat allows players to voice chat with other player in close proximity. And at last there will be an update to the auction house interface.

So that is all we have so far. Still no exact date for when this update will drop, but we’ll be sure to report it here with the full details of all the new DCU Online goodies.




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