Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Announcement coming soon?

Things have been a little quiet in the Wasteland up until yesterday when a report of a leaked trailer on YouTube for  the “Honest Hearts” FONV DLC appeared on the Fallout Wiki. While there is no evidence of a trailer ever being linked on YouTube, the site Duck and Cover managed to get it’s hands on some very very very tiny jpeg screenshots supposedly from Honest Hearts. We get a glimpse of the logo and a few scenes.

MTV’s multiplayer blog is also reporting that there will be a Bethesda Sponsored media event this week in Utah which seems significant because of the rumors that Honest Hearts will involve the city of New Canaan in Utah. So the speculation seems to be pointing to some kind of announcement happening this week or hopefully very soon.

We don’t have much more infomation at this time, and once we get a more official statement we’ll report it here!

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