Review: RAGE HD on iPhone 4

After watching some of the coverage from PAX East, the guys at ID were showing some of the latest footage for RAGE which is coming out this Fall. I am really excited to get my hands on that game, and if you happen to own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can get some first hand RAGE game play, or at least a lite version of what the big console game will be. I know this game came out last year, but hey I just got my hands on the thing so better late than never!

The game places you are on the set of a post-apocalyptic game show called “Mutant Bash TV”. The goal is to make through 3 different mazes killing as many mutants as possible. Each kill racks up money for your score. As far as weapons you have 3 to cycle through, a shotgun, a machine gun and a pistol. While the ammo on the pistol is infinte, the ammo on the more effective shotgun and machine gun run out so you need to pick up extra ammo as you work through the map. You can also pick up health bonuses and “Bash Bux” to add to your winnings on the show. There are also targets throughout that you can hit for more bonuses.

The controls are pretty simple and easy to use as each one is located in the corners of the screen. In the upper left corner there are your weapons which you can toggle through. The upper right is your reload button. The lower left is the run/dodge button which is very useful to avoid the junk the mutants throw at you, and finally the lower right is your weapon fire/pick up item button. You can configure the buttons to flip for left handed players as well.

The game automatically moves you from place to place in each enviroment. To hit your targets the game uses the iphone’s gyroscope, so the reticule stays stationary and the environment moves around as you move the phone or other device. This took a little getting used to but the more you keep playing it the better you’ll get. I did notice this does make it pretty difficult to play while riding the subway.

The graphics on RAGE HD are amazing.The colors are vivid and the textures are so crisp especially on the iPhone retina display. Actually I think this game has some of the best looking graphics of an iOS game I’ve played so far.

I do have some criticism for the game as I think it starts to feel a little boring after so many playthroughs. I’d love to see some more guns added for some variation. The mutants you face are also limited in design, there only about 3 or 4 muntant types and they repeat over and over. Might have been cool to see different types of mutants in each maze. But considering this is an iPhone game it’s still pretty impressive.

Bottom line, if you are more of a hardcore gamer and Cut the Rope doesn’t satisfy your gaming appetite, Rage HD might be more your speed. While it looks like a FPS it really plays more like an arcade shooting gallery type game, but the graphics and environment definitely make it fun to look at. Hopefully they will add some new additions in future updates of the game. We don’t have an official rating system at here at Gamers InQuest yet, but I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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