PlayStation Network May Be Down for Up to Two Days

The Official US Playstation Blog has announced that the maintenance on the PlayStation Network may take up to a day or two. The servers were brought down roughly 11 AM EST on Thursday April 21st. I imagine since the US blog has announced this time frame, this also means the EU PSN will follow a similar schedule. For now all we can do is hope its quick and easy. Worst case scenario we have everything back up and running midday Saturday.

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8 comments on “PlayStation Network May Be Down for Up to Two Days

    • Don’t believe everything you see. Lots of rumors circulating. I will try to keep updated on any rumor I hear as well as anything confirmed by Sony. Most recent rumor is the fact that it may have been because of a custom firmware people used to pirate PSN games and DLC.

  1. I just want to know when the network is going to up and running properly. Can anyone tell me that so i dont have to keep turning my Ps3 for nothing. Thanks

    • Sadly, no one knows. Initial estimate of 1 to 2 days has passed. Rumors are circulating now that are anywhere from 1 to 14 days. Most recent one I heard was 2-5 days. As soon as PlayStation comments on the subject I will post it.

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