Review: RAGE HD on iPhone 4

After watching some of the coverage from PAX East, the guys at ID were showing some of the latest footage for RAGE which is coming out this Fall. I am really excited to get my hands on that game, and if you happen to own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can get some first hand RAGE game play, or at least a lite version of what the big console game will be. I know this game came out last year, but hey I just got my hands on the thing so better late than never!

The game places you are on the set of a post-apocalyptic game show called “Mutant Bash TV”. The goal is to make through 3 different mazes killing as many mutants as possible. Each kill racks up money for your score. As far as weapons you have 3 to cycle through, a shotgun, a machine gun and a pistol. While the ammo on the pistol is infinte, the ammo on the more effective shotgun and machine gun run out so you need to pick up extra ammo as you work through the map. You can also pick up health bonuses and “Bash Bux” to add to your winnings on the show. There are also targets throughout that you can hit for more bonuses.

The controls are pretty simple and easy to use as each one is located in the corners of the screen. In the upper left corner there are your weapons which you can toggle through. The upper right is your reload button. The lower left is the run/dodge button which is very useful to avoid the junk the mutants throw at you, and finally the lower right is your weapon fire/pick up item button. You can configure the buttons to flip for left handed players as well.

The game automatically moves you from place to place in each enviroment. To hit your targets the game uses the iphone’s gyroscope, so the reticule stays stationary and the environment moves around as you move the phone or other device. This took a little getting used to but the more you keep playing it the better you’ll get. I did notice this does make it pretty difficult to play while riding the subway.

The graphics on RAGE HD are amazing.The colors are vivid and the textures are so crisp especially on the iPhone retina display. Actually I think this game has some of the best looking graphics of an iOS game I’ve played so far.

I do have some criticism for the game as I think it starts to feel a little boring after so many playthroughs. I’d love to see some more guns added for some variation. The mutants you face are also limited in design, there only about 3 or 4 muntant types and they repeat over and over. Might have been cool to see different types of mutants in each maze. But considering this is an iPhone game it’s still pretty impressive.

Bottom line, if you are more of a hardcore gamer and Cut the Rope doesn’t satisfy your gaming appetite, Rage HD might be more your speed. While it looks like a FPS it really plays more like an arcade shooting gallery type game, but the graphics and environment definitely make it fun to look at. Hopefully they will add some new additions in future updates of the game. We don’t have an official rating system at here at Gamers InQuest yet, but I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars.


Nintendo 3DS: a Hands-On Impression.

I found myself in midtown Manhattan today at Rockefeller Center, and the Nintendo Store was beckoning me to come in and play with the 3DS. So I had to comply of course.

Now I am not a DS game player at all so this was sort of my first time with any DS let along the new 3DS. I do play some Wii games so I am already familiar with the friendly interface and easy to use graphics. The 3D of the 3DS is pretty amazing. You activate it with a slider on the right side of the screen to control the depth of the 3D or to turn it of completely. I knew they were using lenticular technology to achieve the 3D, and wondered if you’d see lines or something else, but the image was very clear and I found the 3D really fun to play with.

The game that was loaded on this demo device was Steel Divers a scrolling submarine game. The 3D on this screen really made the depth of the ocean feel expansive and I think it added to the over all gameplay. The game itself is a little boring, but the novelty of 3D made it more compelling to stick through it. I am an iphone user (and gamer) so using the stylus was a little new to me but I got more used to it as I kept playing.

So hardcore DS’ers are you all planning to plop down 250 bucks to get one this weekend? You can try it out before you buy at some launch day events that are happening this weekend in many major US cities including New York, LA and Miami among others.

Let us know what your impressions of the 3DS are.

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Square Enix Unveils New Mobile Gaming Studio, Hippos Lab

Square Enix has recently announced the addition of a new Studio, Hippos labs, which will focus on app development for smartphones. The studio began operations on March 7th and anticipates their first release to be very soon.

The studio aims to bring original games to the smartphone industry. With the rapid growth of the market, it only makes sense for Square Enix to try to grab a share. With the background a company like Square Enix has, they can take a strong control over mobile gaming if their releases are anything similar to past games.

Square Enix has also shown interest in opening up another large studio in Canada. The company will feature at least 100 employees and by May the location should be finalized.

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Angry Birds Seasons: St. Patrick’s Day

If happen to be an Angry Birds fan like me, then you probably have the Angry Birds “Seasons” game which launched starting with Halloween, then Christmas, and Valentines Day’s versions. Rovio has just released Angry Birds: Seasons Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The birds will crash into shamrocks, pots of gold, and of course those mean piggies wearing leprechaun hats. There is just one screen of 15 levels, plus some bonus levels for “liking” Angry Birds on Facebook. They add some new achievements for how much gold you collect.

Angry Birds Seasons is updated for on the App Store. Take a look at a detailed description:

Have the Luck of the Irish and Go Green with this episode of Angry Birds Seasons: The St. Patrick’s Day Edition! After the love fest of Valentines, Angry Birds Seasons is back with the greenest update to date. May Irish eyes shine upon you and as usual Angry Birds gives the most generous updates of any app!

New Features in version 1.3.0:






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Max adventure Review

Max Adventure, a new iPod app released by Imangi Studios is attempting to be another smash hit in the app store, but is it good enough to deserve its title as a smash hit?

Max Adventure is a twin stick shooter, which, if you didn’t know what that is, has a similar interface to many drop down iPod shooter games, such as minigore. However, unlike minigore, Max Adventure is more of a mission based game where you can complete the level and buy upgrades  at the end of a level with the money you have acquire in the game. The story of Max Adventure is rather simple, aliens have attacked earth, all adults have been captured, you must save the children and the world. A typical alien game.

The controls of the game are nice and i have had no problems when blowing away aliens with my ray gun. If there was a downside to the game, it would be the, almost child like cartoons and the childish theme of the game, but hey ho, that is what the game is about and it kept me entertained for half hour or so, which iPod games are for. Overall i think its a good shooter and worth the money as it costs less than most chocolate bars do nowadays. However, I know due to the childish behaviour of the game some people may not enjoy it, so be sure to check out the free lite version of the game before hand.

Rating this Max Adventure out of ten would resolve, for me, in a 7. It has power ups, different types of aliens, upgrades and different designs of every level which makes the game fun and less repetitive throughout. However, it could be improved through the elongation of the actual game as it doesn’t last long at all really, and proves to be a rather small file sized app. However the survival mode the game has almost counters this, and provides the replayability of the game, but is still not as fun as the story mode, and soon gets repetitive. Overall it’s a good game to keep you busy and entertained, from aliens to ray guns – what more could you want from a game!

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“Doctor Who” MMO to be officially announced at GDC this week

G4 and Geeks of Doom are both reporting that the BBC has confirmed a Doctor Who MMO will be coming later this year. The game called Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is being developed by Three Rings, will be flash based (sorry iphone and ipad gamers) and will be available for free! The launch is schedule much later this year and an an official announcement about the game is expected at the Game Developers Conference later this week in San Francisco.

The game will focus on cooperative interaction amongst players who will form groups. I wonder if this would be like the Doctor with his assistants, though I would guess everyone in the game would be a Time Lord. According to the report in Geeks of Doom the Challenges and missions will be customized for the size of the group that is playing.

The game will allow players to enter the TARDIS (yes!) and receive challenges from the The Doctor to complete. The missions require adversaries to face familiar Doctor Who enemies. All I can say is bring on the Daleks!

Here is a quote from the official press release:

Robert Nashak, EVP Digital Entertainment at BBC Worldwide says, “Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will be a free-to-play multiplayer online game that invites players to save the universe by using their wits to solve time-bending puzzles and pulse-pounding challenges. Three Rings is the ideal team for this groundbreaking creative partnership. Not only are they visionaries in the online gaming space, they are lifelong Doctor Who fans with a passion for delivering the level of quality that our players will expect and deserve.”

We’ll follow this story and report what is announced at the GDC this week.

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Fable III finally coming to PC!!!!

Fable III is finally coming to PC!!!! Fable is arriving a mere 2-3 months after it was released for Xbox 360. The windows version of the game is set to release on the 19th of May in europe, two whole days before the game is launched in the US and A. So called “Hardcore” Gamers can get a special version that gives them an extra challenge that wasn’t available on the Xbox 360 version.

LionHead Studios are releasing a DLC for Fable III, they have called the DLC Traitor’s Keep. The add-on will only cost 560 Microsoft points and is being released on the 1st of March, 4 days to go!!!!
The add-on will feature three individual stories; Ravenscar Keep,       Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate.                                                                    Unfortunately I haven’t found any news about this game coming to PC or windows, I am currently trying to find some information about that.

Any body with a windows phone 7 will be happy to know that LionHead Studios have also released Fable: Coin Golf. This is a short version that works in conjunction with your Xbox 360. You can transfer any gold you make to your Fable story on your xbox and you can transfer 3 exclusive weapons from your phone to your xbox 360.

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Final Fantasy III: Coming to Iphone??

A Japanese manga magazine V-Jump recently announced that Square Enix have plans to bring Final Fantasy III to the Iphone. This will consist of two games, one is supposed to be released some time in the spring, this is going to be called Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. I believe that the second game will be a IOS friendly version of the original Final Fantasy III game.

For those who don’t know Final Fantasy revolves around Four orphan children who are drawn to a crystal light, see picture above. The crystal grants them some of its power, and instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world. Not knowing what to make of the crystal’s pronouncements, but nonetheless recognizing the importance of its words, the four inform their adoptive families of their mission and set out to explore and bring balance back to the world.

The original game was released in the April of 1990 in japan. The first time it was released outside of Japan was November 15, 2006 when Square Enix made a DS compatible version which was sold across the world.

Once the game is released it will be reviewed on the site by one of our staff members.

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