Fallout New Vegas Patch and another DLC teaser image

Hey Fallout Fans! I have been checking the interwebs for news about any Fallout: New Vegas updates or info about the upcoming DLC and we have a bit of news on both fronts.

Honest hearts

First the Fallout Wiki is reporting the exsistence of an official promotional banner for the Honest Hearts DLC on XBox live. To see it for yourself search for Fallout: New Vegas on the Game Marketplace and select the Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer (HD). The banner will show up in the top right corner. The image of a man with bandage covering his nose and mouth is most likely Joshua Graham also known as the Burned Man.

The second thing is a massive patch will be coming to the PC on Monday and the consoles soon according to a post from Jason Bergman.  The patch will not only will improve the stability of the game, but also adds balance tweaks to many of the weapons the in the game. When I say ‘many’ I mean A TON of weapons!

Check out the weapson tweaks:


  • Automatic Guns – SMGs, the Assault Carbine, and the LMG are more accurate across the board. They’re also more durable. 12.7mm SMG mag capacity increased to 21.
  • Shotguns – Buckshot has received a x1.2 inherent DAM mod. This slightly incentivizes using buckshot over slugs when enemy armor is not an issue. Magnum buckshot has a x1.3 DAM mod and a small amount of DT bypass. Spread for many shotguns has been lowered.
  • Hunting Rifle, Anti-Materiel Rifle – Hunting Rifle and AMR now have the lowest spread of all rifles. Hunting Rifle RoF increased, Crit Chance set to x2. Anti-Materiel Rifle’s Crit DAM has been raised from 80 to 110 to make it more viable when compared to the Gobi.
  • Sniper Rifle, Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle – Sniper Rifle and Gobi now have a higher RoF and lower AP cost. Both have x2 Crit Chance. Gobi has increased DAM and much higher Crit DAM over the Sniper Rifle.
  • That Gun – That Gun is now a slow-firing hand cannon that does huge DAM firing 5.56mm out of a short barrel.
  • Hunting Revolver – Rate of Fire increased.
  • Service Rifle – DAM slightly lowered, firing animation changed to the one used by Marksman Carbine, RoF dramatically increased. Spread decreased.
  • Silenced .22 Pistol, SMG – Crit DAM and Crit Chance significantly increased.
  • 5mm Ammo – Base ammo has 10 points of DT bypass. AP variants have 25 points of DT bypass. This affects the Assault Carbine, Minigun, and CZ57 Avenger.
  • .308 JSP – DAM mult reduced from x1.5 to x1.3. x2 CND degradation effect added.
  • Lever-Action Rifles – Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, Brush Gun – RoF has been slightly reduced, AP costs have been significantly increased, and spread has been slightly increased. Cowboy Repeater Custom Action RoF increase has been reduced. La Longue Carabine spread has been significantly lowered.


  • Dynamite – Larger explosion radius.
  • Frag and Plasma Grenades – DAM increased.
  • 25mm Grenades – Slightly increased DAM on the explosion.
  • 40mm Grenades – Significantly higher DAM on the explosion.
  • Missile Launcher / Fat Man – Now have much better zoom FoV and good accuracy. Missile and Fat Man projectiles (not the explosion) have a large base DAM. Both are extremely effective on direct hits, but still potent even if a direct hit is not scored. N.B.: Listed DAM on weapons assumes a direct hit!

Energy Weapons:

  • Gatling Laser – Base DAM is higher. Against heavily armored targets, this is still a poor weapon. Against lightly armored targets, especially with Over Charge or Max Charge ECPs + Focus Optics + Laser Commander, it has extraordinary DPS.
  • Tesla Cannon, Tesla-Beaton Prototype – These now consume far less ammo per shot and can be fired several times before a reload. DAM is beefy with an additional 2 second DoT.
  • Pew-Pew – Lower ammo capacity, consumes far fewer ECs per shot. Still a two-shot weapon.

Melee and Unarmed:

  • Ripper, Chainsaw, Thermic Lance – DAM lowered, all ignore DR/DT.
  • Bladed Gauntlet, Mantis Gauntlet – Ignore DR/DT flags removed (were not supposed to be marked as such). Mantis Gauntlet animation/sound fixed.


  • Splash Damage – Functions properly.
  • The Professional – 10mm Pistol, SMG added to perk list.
I just hope this patch comes to PS3 and XBox 360 very soon!

New Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Trailer Released

Capcom has just released another trailer for the much acclaimed title Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.For those of you who do not know, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be releasing for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 later this year (TBA). The game is set during the early outbreaks of Resident Evil 2 and 3. You play as the Umbrella Security Service trying to limit the outbreak and cover-up any evidence that Umbrella was behind any of the situation.

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Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Announcement coming soon?

Things have been a little quiet in the Wasteland up until yesterday when a report of a leaked trailer on YouTube for  the “Honest Hearts” FONV DLC appeared on the Fallout Wiki. While there is no evidence of a trailer ever being linked on YouTube, the site Duck and Cover managed to get it’s hands on some very very very tiny jpeg screenshots supposedly from Honest Hearts. We get a glimpse of the logo and a few scenes.

MTV’s multiplayer blog is also reporting that there will be a Bethesda Sponsored media event this week in Utah which seems significant because of the rumors that Honest Hearts will involve the city of New Canaan in Utah. So the speculation seems to be pointing to some kind of announcement happening this week or hopefully very soon.

We don’t have much more infomation at this time, and once we get a more official statement we’ll report it here!

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DC Universe Online Update 2 is Out Now

Earlier this week producer Wes Yanagi issued a letter on DCUO site explaining the delay on the 2nd Update. The update came out on 4/5 in North America on the PS3 and PC with Europe soon to follow though no date has been confirmed at this time. I have to say with this much updated content delivered in each update I think we can cut them a little slack. There is a massive amount of new content to play and explore in the game.

Here’s the run down taken directly from the DCUO site:

Update Two: Heads or Tales?

What Does Fate Have In Store For You?
Hope you’re feeling lucky! With its second update, DC Universe™ Online offers a new set of challenges and opportunities to players willing to try their luck on new adventures, episodes and intense combat missions.

Two-Face Mission Series
The Penguin has created a vast smuggling operation bringing together some of the most notorious criminals in Gotham City. Two-Face, aka Harvey Dent, has enlisted you as muscle to put the Penguin out of business. Will Two-Face help or hinder your progress with the flip of his coin?

The Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct Raid
You and your teammates will fight even deeper into the heart of The Batcave where Brainiac has entrenched his horrific technology. It will take a legendary effort to rescue Batman from the OMAC Virus (twisted technology designed to stop meta humans), defeat the mighty Avatar of Technology and topple the Braniac Construct itself. This level 30 raid promises to bring a brand new challenge to your League and the opportunity for awesome loot!

Special Event: Mxyzptlk‘s Mischief
A mysterious prankster from the 5th Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk is up to his old tricks in Metropolis.

Collect Luck Tokens: You don’t have to be lucky to get these tokens, but will have to endure the constant shenanigans of Mr. Mxyzpltk.

New Appearance Items: Use tokens to dress in the finest Celtic clothing available!

Drinks on the House: Have a round on Mr. Mxyzpltk! Special drinks available for purchase with tokens will temporarily improve your stats.

New Collections: Chase a new Four-Leaf Clover collection and unlock a lucky reward.

New Race: Run races like never before! Dodge distractions and pranks requiring cunning and concentration.

Additional Features:

Legends PvP: Take on other players as Two-Face himself! Use the advantage of Two-Face’s dual personalities and choose between the benevolent Harvey Dent or murderous Two-Face, each with different abilities. Wield a machine gun, throw grenades, or call in goons to help take out your opponents. Heads or tails? Both can be just as deadly with this new character.

New Social Enhancements: Now, finding your friends and League are even easier with the latest enhancements we’ve made to the Social interface!

Uncover the New Gang War Alert Combat Episode: Experience a brand new low level 20’s mission series. Track down the infamous Intergang and prevent the prophecy of the Crime Bible from coming to pass!

Green Lantern Duo: Find out if two heads are better than one this month as you join with a partner to battle Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns or John Stewart and his Green Lanterns. Will Fear rule the day or will your Willpower overcome? Grab a friend and find out in this new Level 30 Duo!

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Surprise! Duke Nukem Forever Delayed

Everyone should remember Duke Nukem Forever’s past involving 3D Realms; the studio’s failure to produce anything of value for the game quickly made it into gamer lore, being the brunt of many jokes. Well when Gearbox Software picked up the title, they promised that the game would actually finally be finished. Duke Nukem Forever was set to be released on May 3rd with an international release on May 6th, but in an ironic twist of fate the famous vaporware game will be delayed yet again. This is the official video the studio has released:

As you can see, the game is now scheduled to be released on June 10th internationally with a June 14th North America release. While the studio seems confident of their new release date and there haven’t been any rumors of the scandals we witnessed with 3D Realms, one can’t help but wonder if the curse of Duke Nukem Forever has been passed on to Gearbox Software. Is this the unmakable game? Hopefully not.

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Rift exploit fixed thanks to the efforts of “White Hat” hacker

After being a victim of account theft, “White Hat” hacker ManWitDaPlan started to investigate the security holes in RIFT, a new MMORPG available for PC. What he found was an exploit that allowed one to log on to any player’s account without even needing their username (or, in this case, email address) or password. While this exploit did trigger the Coin Lock, which makes it so that the character cannot sell destroy or trade his or her own items (but can still buy items normally, save for at the Auction House), it left many other features perfectly usable, including the “delete character” button.

It seems the game had some rifts of its own

Upon discovering this, ManWitDaPlan posted his findings on the game’s forums. Soon after, he was contacted by none other than Steve Chamberlin, the dev lead for Rift. Together, the two of them plus the engineering team fixed the exploit in little more than two hours of the exploit being revealed. Apparently, these attacks had been a constant problem and the team was eager to get rid of them.

As it stands now, the exploit has been fixed and the dev team is very grateful for ManWitDaPlan’s help. Hartsman, an executive, had this to say: “we’d definitely like to thank Mr. ManWitDaPlan for the well-timed assist. Sir, we salute you and offer our most heartfelt thanks.”

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Batman: Arkham City Official Launch Date Announced

For a while we’ve heard that the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City would come out some time in the Fall of 2011. We now know that the official release date in North America will be October 18, in Australia October 19 and in Europe and other global territories starting on October 21. The game will release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on these dates.

Currently you can pre-order the game on Amazon.com and through GameStop. Whether there will be any pre-order bonuses is unknown at this point. It’s interesting they are only promoting a pre-sale through Amazon or GameStop on the official web site for the game.

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Battle: Los Angeles Takes Fight to Consoles

KONAMI recently announced that they will team up with Saber Interactive to bring Battle: Los Angeles to the the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game will be a First Person Shooter following the storyline of the movie in which aliens invade Los Angeles. It is your duty to take on the role as a US Marine helping fight off the alien assault using your various weapons. According to KONAMI your arsenal will feature “assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, frag grenades, and a turret gun.” Essentially your standard arsenal outside the turret gun.

The game has a lot of potential as does the movie. However, not much has been released about the game which is pretty impressive considering how close we are to the rough release date of “sometime in March.” The film by Columbia Pictures is set to release March 11, 2011 so one can imagine the game will likely be released around that date. For those interested in a trailer, it is available here.

Saber Interactive is a relatively unknown studio whose only prior console release was Timeshift which did not receive favorable reviews. This is Saber’s chance to establish a name aside one of the larger game companies, KONAMI. Hopefully, Saber generates enough success through this game to help fund their upcoming project, Inversion.

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