Site News

I am happy to announce the first of many updates in the site news category. In this page I will announce all news involving me, the site, the writers and a whole load of other things.

The Gamers Inquest Week 1

This week I have sold of 50% of the site to my now co-owner James Deputy, James has bought the site a domain. I welcome James to the site and hope he has a lot of fun working with me and hopefully impressing you with his writing skills. In other news I have changed the sites Theme, opened a Twitter Account for the site and have added the blog to a variety of blog directories. In lighter news the site has now introduced categories, tags and opened up it’s own Internet Rally Chat app which you can use to speak to staff and other gaming lovers. The site is growing and so is the amount of views we are receiving, as of 17:00 (British Time) we have had 592 views. Also I have just added in an email button, a print button and a twitter button. Be sure to re-tweet all of our brilliant articles.

Hope you enjoy this site, remember to visit again soon.

Charlie Killick

Editor in Chief

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