Site is reborn

After 8 months of being default, the site is back and is lonelier than ever.

With a low point of one writer, the site is looking to re-staff and progressively bring itself back to it’s original state.

As founder, I take full responsibility for the downfall of the site as I as much as others lost interest. 

However since then I have acquired more disposable income, more disposable time and more knowledge of the gaming industry.

Hopefully there will also be a noticeable different between my previous writing attempts and my current posts as my skill as a writer has grown from working for other websites and newspapers.

The Gamers Inquest is back!


PlayStation Network has Returned!

Finally, some great news has come from Sony. The PlayStation Network has begun returning in the United States as well as select regions internationally. The green states have returned service as on 1:52 AM EST. They have been steadily returning service to regions over the past 3 hours. After 23 days PSN has returned.

PlayStation Network has Returned!

To bring even more good news, Sony’s Group CEO, Kazuo Hirai, has announced that every PSN user will receive a special “Welcome Back” package in the coming days as well as the option for a free year of identity theft protection services. This is a very nice gesture from the company considering they themselves were among the victims as well.

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