Sony Releases Some Promising News

First, I would like to apologize that this site has seemingly been consumed by this whole ordeal, but I feel it is very important to the gaming community so I will continue keeping you updated on the topic.

Sony has released a brief Q & A session on their blog that has answered many questions we have all been dying to ask. To some up this post, basically, Sony is working closely with a security firm and law enforcement to find the guilty party no matter where they are located. They have confirmed that our personal information was taken as it was not encrypted only shielded by the prior security system.

Personal Data is not really what most re concerned about. The topic of interest is more about whether the credit and debit card numbers were taken.  Sony confirmed that the data was encrypted and they cannot say whether the data was taken or not. As precaution you should monitor your account and contact your financial institution for further advice. One positive thing Sony released was that security codes were not taken as they were not required to sign up for the PlayStation Network. This severely limits the purposes of the credit and debit card numbers.

The final matter to worry about is whether your account has been jeopardized. To combat this problem Sony has stated they will have a mandatory update once PSN returns. This update requires all users to change their passwords associated with the account.

Finally, the best news of the day: some PSN and Qriocity services will return by May 4th. This is promising as we finally have a legitimate time frame to hope for. They made it clear however that they will only bring services back if  they are positive they are secure. “However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.” For now we have something to look forward to, and we can only hope justice is served one way or another.

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Rumor: PlayStation Network Outage Possibly Due to Custom Firmware

Rumors have been circulating for a couple days that there was a custom firmware being used known as ‘Operation: Rebug’. These rumors have partially been confirmed through a pretty credible source. Essentially, this custom firmware allowed users to setup false developer accounts. While using these accounts, it allowed users to add funds to their account which could be used on anything on the PSN Store. This exploit is reportedly simple and no one knows how many people may have exploited this custom firmware.

Day Five: Great PSN Outage of 2011

It makes sense why they would have pulled PSN as a precaution. Who knows how much the smaller game developers lost through this glitch. But as always, while this is most likely true it will remain a rumor until PlayStation comments on such a topic.

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PlayStation Outage Taking Longer than Anticipated

The initial estimate of 1 to 2 days has passed and Sony has kept us minimally updated which is understandable from a PR stand point. No sense updating the general public until they are 100% certain. Sony has confirmed that the outage was caused by an outside force, but they did not specifically label any group.

This morning Sony has announced that they are essentially rebuilding the security system from the ground up. Rumors have been circulating that it was linked to Anonymous while others have stated it was not. Nothing can be confirmed at this point until Sony makes an official announcement. Similar circumstances exist with the time frame. People have been stating ranges as short as tomorrow and as long as two weeks. For now, we just have to take this day by day and hope Sony can fix the outage as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The one benefit of this outage is the fact that I was able to play a bunch of offline games I would not have gotten around to any time soon. So far I’ve beaten Enslaved, played Comet Crash, Shatter, Assassin’s Creed II, and Singularity.

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PlayStation Network May Be Down for Up to Two Days

The Official US Playstation Blog has announced that the maintenance on the PlayStation Network may take up to a day or two. The servers were brought down roughly 11 AM EST on Thursday April 21st. I imagine since the US blog has announced this time frame, this also means the EU PSN will follow a similar schedule. For now all we can do is hope its quick and easy. Worst case scenario we have everything back up and running midday Saturday.

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