PlayStation Network has Returned!

Finally, some great news has come from Sony. The PlayStation Network has begun returning in the United States as well as select regions internationally. The green states have returned service as on 1:52 AM EST. They have been steadily returning service to regions over the past 3 hours. After 23 days PSN has returned.

PlayStation Network has Returned!

To bring even more good news, Sony’s Group CEO, Kazuo Hirai, has announced that every PSN user will receive a special “Welcome Back” package in the coming days as well as the option for a free year of identity theft protection services. This is a very nice gesture from the company considering they themselves were among the victims as well.

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EU and US PlayStation Network Down for Mainenance

The EU and US PlayStation Networks are currently down for an unannounced maintenance. The maintenance should be concluded by 10:00 PM EST tonight, but during said time you will not be able to access the PlayStation Store, play any online games, or message any friends.

People have been getting two common error messages the first basically stating that PSN has been suspended and the second stating “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (80710A06).” Your account has not been suspended nor has your PS3 suffered a fatal error. We’ll find out tonight whats in store after the maintenance. For now find something else to do or enjoy your games offline.

UPDATE: Sony Europe has confirmed that it may have been caused by a possible attack:

“As you are no doubt aware, the current emergency outage is continuing this afternoon and all Sony Online Network services remain unavailable. Our support teams are investigating the cause of the problem, including the possibility of targeted behaviour by an outside party. If the reported Network problems are indeed caused by such acts, we would like to once again thank our customers who have borne the brunt of the attack through interrupted service.

Our engineers are continuing to work to restore and maintain the services, and we appreciate our customers’ continued support. For further information, please refer to updates on, here on PlayStation.Blog and via our @PlayStationEU twitter feed.”

As many of you have heard the group “Anonymous” has recently been attacking Playstation for their handling of the GeoHot situation. There is no confirmation that this is a continuation of the prior attacks. At this point we can only speculate.

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InFamous 2 will feature User-Generated Missions

PlayStation loves customization, from LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2 to ModNation Racers, and now they are bringing that DIY video game development to the action gaming platform.

Announced at GDC InFamous 2 from Sucker Punch shipping on June 7th 2011 will allow players to not only create their own missions. As reported on, the game will use a toolkit that includes all of the objects found in the game including various enemies, weapons, barricades, cars and more. There will also be custom objects only available to the user creators.

The missions will be built using nodes, little round discs that can be placed anywhere in the environment. Each action will have a specific icon floating above, so as you look over your mission you can see what each specific node does.

They go on to report the system used to create the missions is a very similar set up to MediaMolecule’s, LittleBigPlanet, but it will include some distinct features that make the process easy to keep track of. A UI dialogue box will appear whenever you select a node. The box tells you what that control point will do like trigger explosion when militia are killed, etc.

And these missions aren’t restricted only to your own console. User-generated missions will show up in the game world just like the regular ones. When you go up to them you will see the PSN tag of the creator and any additional information like the rating of that mission. It will pay to be as creative and cleaver as possible but Sucker Punch will will watching the ratings and missions that score very high will be promoted up to the Sucker Punch Featured Missions list.

There will be a limited public beta of inFAMOUS 2 UGC starting in Early April, and an announcement will be made on how to sign up on March 14. Keep an eye on for any new news to come or just stay tuned to The Gamers Inquest.

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